Projects & Series

Here I am sharing some personal projects in progress and some completed photo series, feel welcome to share your thoughts and insight by going to the 'contact' link on this website.


Tatiana Portrait Study - Snow Vixen

This is a series of portraits taken of my wife in our back yard during the first snow in Jan, 2017.

I used my Olympus Pen-F with the Zuiko 12-40mm PRO Lens and a Speedlite as a fill.


Tatiana Portrait Study - The Look Away

This is a series shot to in my home studio to test a new strobe light set. I only ended up using one of them and an incandescent lamp. I was also testing out my then new (to me) Mamiya 645 J medium format camera on which some of these are shot using Ilford 400 film. I used my Olympus Pen-F for the others.


Noir Acrobatics

This is a series of photos from Long Beach, NY taken on an August evening during the 2016 Summer period. 
After spending some time observing the life around me and enjoying that feeling of serenity and excitement I get from beach. I saw on the other side of the boardwalk a Trapeze system with various skill levels of daredevils at play. I thought what fun it would be to capture a series of actions in one still frame, so some are double exposure compositions.
A singular distanced vantage was used to capture as much of the scene as possible in sequence, while maintaining some of the mystery and excitement one can get when you have to analyze (or add to) the story being told.
I envisioned a display of these images similar to what one would see in a contact sheet

 These photos were taken at the end of the day as dusk fell onto the scene. 

Gear: Olympus OMD EM-1, Zuiko 12-40mm PRO Lens

Double Exposures were done in camera, final processing in Adobe Lightroom.